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Il territorio spoletino nella verde Umbria...


All around us a territory full of charming villages and towns as nowhere else in the world.


Of Roman origins, it still retains a distinctly medieval plant. Do not miss the Roman Theatre, the Tower Bridge, the Cathedral and the great international event “The Festival of Two Worlds”.


The city of San Francis is among the most visited destinations in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not to be missed the two basilicas dedicated to the friar of Assisi: the Upper Basilica with the famous frescoes by Giotto and the Lower Basilica that houses the crypt of St. Francis.


Bevagna, of Roman origin (Mevania), was a staging and trades point on the Via Flaminia. It still maintains the beauty and magnificence of the luster of past times.
Very important is the evocation of the markets that were held in the Middle Ages that is called ” Gaite Market ” in which you can see artisans forging iron, blewing glass, and producing silk or paper as they used in medieval times.


Montefalco, “The Balcony of Umbria”, so called because of its strategic location overlooking the valleys of Topino and Clitunno.
Town rich in history (Federico II stopped there), art (frescoes by Benozzo Gozzoli) and excellent products (one above all the famous wine Sagrantino di Montefalco).


The “Splendidissima Colonia Julia”, so named by Julius Caesar, is perhaps one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval villages of the entire region.
Famous for its typical products of exceptional quality, Spello also offers culture (frescoes by Pinturicchio) and unique events (the Infiorate, floral carpets in honor of Corpus Christi).


Todi was considered the “most livable city in the world”: full of monuments of great historical and architectural interest, is the ideal city to spend a holiday in the sign of culture, art and relaxation. Its surroundings are rich in small and quaint villages and castles. Todi is located at an altitude of 400 meters at the confluence of the stream Naia to the Tiber River, along the old border between the territories of the Etruscans and those of the Umbrians, it was founded by the Veii Umbrians between the eighth and seventh century BC, as Etruscan settlement it was later named “Tutere” (border).

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